Month: December 2014

My Weekend With Oprah: Ring Ma’ Bell

Over this holiday season, I have been told multiple times that I am in fact “going to hell,” from my grandparents and even strangers outside of restaurants (true story) because I don’t go to church… Therefore, I can honestly say when Rob Bell was introduced as a pastor, something inside me automatically closed off. I didn’t know what to expect from… Read more →

My Weekend With Oprah: Eatin’ Prayin’ & Lovin’…

Elizabeth Gilbert had always seemed like a pretty cool gal. I mean, Julia Roberts played her in a movie about her own life… that’s pretty awesome. The best part about Liz is that she’s not just an impressive writer, but is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever heard. She was able to share her new outlook on life through… Read more →

My Weekend With Oprah: The Big O

Miss Oprah Winfrey was my partner in crime this past September, during our weekend conquering Washington DC. She taught me about following dreams, setting intentions and loving myself for who I am, while also growing into what I could be. Okay, so we didn’t get to sip on her Starbucks Oprah Chai together, become best friends, or even end up within 100… Read more →